FLCC around the world: Notes from the Philippines

Anthony Marrero took this photo for his walk and jog class with Eric Marsh.

As part of his online walk and jog class, Professor Eric Marsh asks students to send in photos from wherever they are walking and jogging.

Those photos often have fascinating backstories.

This is the case for Anthony Marrero, 34, an online computer science major, who moved to La Trinidad in the Benguet province of the Philippines to marry his wife, Jane, who is originally from the Finger Lakes area.

Family of 5
Anthony Marrero with his wife, Jane, and their children, Jan Xylo and twins Anna, and Abby.

“We have 3 kids (two are twins) and one baby on the way in October. I returned to school last fall as a computer science major to switch to a career in AI programming,” Anthony explains.  “We have been processing our visas for two years now and hopefully will be able to come back to the Finger Lakes next year.”

The photo he took for his class shows a part of La Trinidad called Alapang, where roses are grown to supply all of the Philippines. This mountainous environment is the only place with the right climate.

“I definitely recommend visiting the Philippines to any American,” he said. “Filipinos are very friendly toward us.  There are also tons of running and biking associations and events. The trail running is probably the best.  Also, if you like riding motorcycles, the mountain roads are some of the best in the world for cruising and enjoying the views.”

A view of the city of Baguio in the Philippines

Author: Lenore Friend

Lenore Friend is the director of public relations and communications at FLCC and the college's liaison with Finger Lakes TV. Contact her at (585) 785-1623 or Lenore.Friend@flcc.edu.

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