FLCC Students Design CMAC Summer Concerts Promotional Materials

FLCC graphic design students showcased their creativity and skill through a renewed design partnership with Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center (CMAC). Students competed to have their designs used in promotional materials for CMAC’s summer concert series, including an events poster, t-shirt, and concert pass.

The 2024 winners of this design competition include Autumn Molisani (poster), Laura Daniela López Sánchez (t-shirt), and Alyson L. LaBarr (concert pass). The project brief called on students to use design elements that represent the CMAC locale, including Canandaigua Lake, the surrounding natural environment, and a music theme. 

2024 CMAC T-shirt Design
2024 CMAC t-shirt design by Laura Daniela López Sánchez

The student design process involved multiple critique sessions and a formal presentation of their final designs on April 9. All contest participants received two concert tickets, with additional copies of the prints and shirts provided to the winners.

This partnership gave students the opportunity to work on a real-world project. Students gained experience refining their designs based on feedback and presenting their work to a client. The winners get to see their work professionally produced and used in promotions.

FLCC Team Places First in UAV Competition for Third Year in a Row

Olivia Smith, Theodosios Pierce, Winter Lenhard, Dylan Begy, Joshua Bell, and Gabriel DeSouza

The FLCC team won first place for the third consecutive year in the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Competition, sponsored by the New York State Two-Year Engineering Science Association (TYESA).

The event took place on April 26 at Monroe Community College, where seven teams from five community colleges, including Finger Lakes CC, Broome CC, Hudson Valley CC, Borough of Manhattan CC, and Monroe CC, participated in the competition.

The objective of the competition was to design, build, and pilot an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to transport a small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) through obstacle gates. The UAV must be able to maneuver around and through obstacles, change altitude, carry and deposit the UGV to the proper drop zone, and then navigate back to the starting zone. The UGV must detach from the UAV using an autonomous onboard detachment mechanism and then autonomously drive to a different location after delivery. This project simulates a rescue mission where human navigation is dangerous and aerial navigation is partially difficult.

Student-made UAV and UGV with a first place plaque.
Student-made UAV and UGV with a first-place plaque (2024).

Teams were evaluated based on their poster presentation and mission demonstrations. FLCC’s team, named Sawney and Beane, was part of the Engineering & Technology Club based at Victor Campus Center. Its members were Theodosios Pierce (team captain and pilot), Gabriel de Souza (pilot), Olivia Smith, Winter Lenhard (pilot), and Dylan Begy. Joshua Bell was the team coach.

This year was FLCC’s seventh year participating in this annual competition. The team’s poster presentation was considered one of the best among the participating teams, and their mission demonstration included three perfect runs.

FLCC UAVs from the last three years.
FLCC UAVs and UGVs from the last three years with first-place plaques.

Two FLCC Students Present at SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference

FLCC Students and Faculty at SUNY SURC 2024
Suzanne Oyston, Emily Relyea, and Mark Worrell at SUNY SURC 2024.

FLCC students Suzanne Oyston and Emily Relyea were among 46 students from across the State University of New York (SUNY) system selected to make oral presentations at the 10th annual SUNY Student Undergraduate Research Conference (SUNY SURC) 2024. This year’s event was held at the University of Buffalo on April 15 and Suffolk County Community College on April 26.

SUNY SURC brings student researchers and faculty mentors together for academic activities, including student presentations, poster sessions, a keynote luncheon, and workshops. Most of the student researchers at the conference were from four-year institutions, making Emily and Suzanne’s participation particularly noteworthy.

A panel of FLCC faculty and staff organized by Professor Mark Worrell met with both students to prepare them to present alongside upper-level SUNY peers. Reflecting on the event and the support provided by FLCC, Emily said, “SURC was a fantastic opportunity, and I’m so grateful that my research was chosen to present. Dr. Worrell was a huge help, and I appreciate all he did to help me and Suzanne.”

The panel consisted of Prof. Theresa Gauthier (Mathematics), Prof. Delia Ackerman (ASL Coordinator—Humanities), Prof. Richard Cook (VAPA), Prof. Christine Parker (Science/Technology), Alicia Marrese (FLCC Library), Prof. Daniel Groom (Mathematics), Prof. Charles Hoffman (Mathematics), Prof. Andrea Cornett (VAPA), Barbara Senglaub (Instructional Specialist—VAPA), Christine Dow (Student Success Coach—AACTS), Dustin Stalnaker (Student Success Coach—AACTS) and Mark Worrell (VAPA).

Emily presented research on “Health Care and Insurance Costs and Their Effects on Medicare Recipients with Cancer.” She developed this project from work completed in Dr. Worrell’s ENG 101 class in Fall 2023. In her research, Emily argues that urgent Medicare reform is needed to address the soaring cost of healthcare in the U.S.

Suzanne spoke on “Raising Standards of Language Access for Deaf Children.” She developed her research project from previous work completed in her ENG 103 course with Prof. Meg Gillio in Fall 2023. Suzanne’s research discusses the academic, social, and emotional impact of language deprivation. She advocates for more collaboration with the Deaf community as essential to breaking barriers and supporting language fluency.

Being selected and participating in SUNY SURC was a memorable learning experience for both students. After the event, Suzanne said, “I am so grateful I was able to be a part of SURC 2024 at the University of Buffalo. I was inspired by the many student researchers in varying fields and to see so much learning and passion in the projects.”